Commercial Voice-over

It’s pretty clear that using a voice over will improve your brand image.

You could use a mate or colleague and save money, but choosing a professional voiceover will bring credibility to your brand and reflect your company’s values.

Don’t let cash stand in the way of your end product.

Corporate Voice-over

If you need a voice for your next corporate video with the right pace and tone for your brand  then give me a listen.

I have my own studio which will save you time and money.

If you have a draft script, send it to me and I’d be happy to voice a few lines to give you an idea if I am right for the job.

On-Hold / IVR

Don’t lose sales when your customers are on hold!

A great way of keeping customers is to provide music and information that might be of interest to them.

I can provide the voice and help you find the right music for your brand at a price that is competitive.

If you need updates at anytime, that’s no problem.