So, how did it all begin?

I started my voice over journey on a rusty old pirate ship, in the Med as a Disc Jockey. Presenting radio shows and trying not to be seasick, I had my first taste of voicing on the boat recording promo’s and ads for various companies often writing the copy as well. I spent a year with The Voice of Peace which was a great place to learn.
I returned to the UK armed with my demo and thought the offers would flood in! I even got an interview my local station 2CR FM, but when I got back, all the jobs had been filled. Despite this, your hero was not deterred I sent out loads of tapes but to know avail.
I was just about to throw in the towel but I got a call from an in store radio station “Radio Top Shop Oxford Street”, they offered 2 weeks holiday relief, and I stayed 5 years.
During my time there, I held down a 4 hour shift 5 days a week and writing and voicing ads for the store and outside advertisers, I also freelanced at stations like “Chiltern Radio” and “Southern Sound” also worked in store events with stars at the time from music and TV.
I then got a chance to work for “BFBS”. Initially, I was to broadcast to the penguins in the Falkland Isles but at the last moment they sent me to Gibraltar and I ended up doing the late show, called “Love on the Rock”.
From there I worked at the “Super Station”, a short lived over night service to local stations all over the UK with Johnathan Ross, Bob Harris and Ruby Wax.
After working at a variety of stations in the EU and UK, I now work from my own home studio providing voice over services to clients around the world. I also do Voice of God announcements both live and recorded at conferences and events.


Where the magic happens!

I have a fantastic custom built space to work from which has been treated with acoustic tiles to ensure a crisp, clean recording of all my voice over work.

My Studio Bricks booth is where I spend most of my time, using the very comfy Beyer Dynamic 770 Headphones during long sessions.

My primary microphone is the Neumann TLM 103 connected into a DBX 286S mic pre amp. Monitoring is provided by Alesis M1 Studio Reference Monitors controlled by an Allen & Heath mixing desk.

For remote sessions, I can connect via Source Connect, Clean Feed, IPDTL or Skype.

Finally, all editing is carried out on the industry standard Adobe Audition DAW.

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Direct connection Clean Feed and Source Connect Now
Microphones: Seinheiser 416 and Neumann TLM 103
Editing Software: Adobe Audition CS6.
Channel Strip: DBX 286S
Monitors: Alesis M Audio
Sound Cards: Audient14 / Focurite 2i2
Headphones: Beyer 770
Various Plugins for Waves

Voice Over Services

Script Writing

I specialise in script writing for radio and TV ads, with 30 plus years of experience in this sector, I am able to provide you with a truly tailored solution to help raise awareness and promote your brand or business.

Same Day Service

If you already have a script of your own and you require a quick turnaround, 99% of jobs we complete are voiced and returned the very same day. An end to end solution that suits your audio requirements.


Finding the right voice for an E-Learning module can be challenging. With over 30 years of experience, I can make your eLearning module stand out from the crowd.

Engage your listener by bringing your text to life.

On-Hold Messaging

Enhance your business phone presence by creating a custom on-hold message or options menu. These can be created to your exact requirements and can even be delivered on the same day!